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Who is 911 ASH?

September 11 Air Safety Hazards (aka 911 ASH) is a group that formed out of discussions about the toxins released by the World Trade Center attacks. The acronym is meant to call up visions both of the dust-coated streets and apartment surfaces in the area as well as plumes of smoke spreading out for miles.

911 ASH's founders are Barbara Rubin and Cyndi Norman. Barb lives within the range of the WTC smoke and is focusing on disseminating information on toxic effects from the attacks. Cyndi lives in California and has built the September 11 website you are reading from now. They met on Cyndi's mailing list, Immune, which is a discussion and support group for people with immune system disabilities. Both Barb and Cyndi suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a condition where the body is unable to breakdown and remove even small amounts of "ordinary" chemicals such as pesticides, VOC's, heavy metals, perfume (all synthetic scents), and most commercial cleaning and personal care products.

You can reach Barb and Cyndi here:

Barbara Rubin
P.O. Box 224
Locust Valley, NY 11560

Cyndi Norman
3725 Maybelle Avenue
Oakland, CA 94619
510-531-5464 (voice)
510-530-7163 (fax)

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