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What I Pray For
October 7, 2001

I pray for the lives of American and British soldiers in Afghanistan.

I pray for Americans and British who will lose a child, a wife, a husband, a parent, a friend. And for all Americans and others around the world who lost someone on September 11th.

I pray for the Afghani women who have already lost their freedom under the Taliban and will now lose husbands, sons, daughters, family, and loved ones.

I pray for the Afghani refugees who fled to Pakistan and elsewhere in this last month. And for the ones left behind.

I pray for all those, from any nation, who will lose their lives today and in coming days, weeks, or months. And for the ones grieving for them.

I pray that the communities shattered today will rebuild.

I pray for the Americans (whether citizen or resident) who are Arab and Muslim who are being blamed for things they had nothing to do with. And for all Americans mistaken for Arab or Muslim who are harassed, attacked, or murdered as well.

I pray for anyone who calls the deaths of human beings "collateral damage."

I pray for those who consider it an even trade when our military kills Afghani civilians, because the terrorists (whoever they are) considered American civilians fair targets.

I pray that those responsible for perpetrating September 11th's horrific attacks are found quickly and brought to justice. May the entire world see their shame and dishonor.

I pray for the Americans who will lose their lives as terrorism against our country escalates. I pray that my family and loved ones are safe.

I pray for Americans and Afghanis caught in the middle as the American military seeks to destroy the terrorists it trained and the totalitarian government it helped install two decades ago.

I pray for those who see an American with an opposing view as "anti-American." And for those who brand Americans who call for justice but not vengeance as traitors.

I pray that the American people will learn and listen, that we will open our eyes to what is being done around the world in our name. That we can make our government take responsibility for its actions over the years. For the deaths and pain and losses of freedom. I pray that we see that admitting our government's wrongs does not cast blame upon us for the events of September 11th. We are accountable for things done in our name if we turn a blind eye to the truth. The ones who attacked us must be accountable for their actions.

I pray that we work towards justice for all. Not only Americans, not only corporate powers. Justice means the freedom of self-determination. It means freedom from another country's will. Justice also means that any person who takes a life be held accountable for that life. We must seek out those who murder and oppress and not let them get away with it. Nor can we close our eyes when we discover such a one among ourselves.

I pray that we can see that peace does not mean giving up or giving in or "turning the other cheek." It is a harder path than war.

I pray that no American will dance in the streets over the deaths of Afghani civilians.

Hear oh Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one. May you deal justly with all who perpetuate horror in your name. May we learn the truth about the crimes done in our names and may we have the strength and courage to stop them.

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