Subscription Directions for MCS-CI

MCS-CI is no more!! The list that Maggie MacDonald ran from LSOFT suddenly disappeared at the end of March 2000. There is a new group, MCS-CI-Exile, where most of the subscribers to MCS-CI have gathered.

Like with MCS-CI, I am a friend of the list but I'm not the listowner. This information is here as a courtesy, nothing more. Please use the directions below to subscribe or to ask questions.



Maggie MacRaven --
Norbert Dichter (Nodi) --

Simple Subscription Instructions:

Send an email to the following address. Put nothing in the subject line or the message body. Only put the email address in the send to box.

You will then receive a confirmation email back--please follow the instructions.

Note: you can also subscribe to the list from the Onelist website and then choose to receive messages via email or to simply read them from the website.

Further Instructions:

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

To post a message:

To read on the web:


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